Bártfay Udvarház - Tállya


TRIFECTA WINES Kft. Has been announced by the Hungarian Tourism Agency as the Managing of the NFM. Kisfaludy Accommodation Development Construction - hotel development -Tokaj, Felső-Tisza and Nyírség highlighted in the framework of the program entitled TFC-1.1.2-2017 in the tourism development area won support.

Grant title: Accommodation development
TRIFECTA WINES Kft. – Bártfay Guesthouse

Identification number: TFC-1-1-2-2017-2018-00032
Development cost: 91.000.000 Ft
Grant awarded: 63.700.000 Ft
Aid intensity: 70%
Planned completion of the project: 2021.10.31.
Readiness level: 50%

As part of the development, the renovation of the 13 rooms of the accommodation, accessibility, new services introduction of new tourism package offers. The expected result of the developments is increasing the tourist attraction of the region, increasing the number of tourists visiting here, an increase in the average room capacity utilization at our company. With the help of development our company further strengthens and expands its existing partnerships, develops its collaborations with other tourism service companies and institutions in the region.